Expand the usable space in your home

Expanding your living space, creating a place for fun, and creating additional storage spaces are all great reasons for finishing your basement. Let us create a basement that functions as a fully habitable addition to the house and a fun place for anyone to enjoy.

This is one of the easier projects for our customers in regards to the inconvenience of remodeling. During the process we will stay mostly out of the way of your daily routine.

Most Basement projects are about fun. Adding a place in your home where you can relax and entertain guests. You can also create a space for your kids to play, or create space for a bedroom for them to live. Basement remodeling is the easiest way to add usable space in your home.

Our Services

Rough Framing

Carefull consideration is needed when planning a basement floorplan. After agreeing on a blueprint our team will frame the basement walls and ceiling. This is pretty self explanatory.

General Contracting

We will hire out professional subcontractors to do electrical, plumbing, and heating/cooling. Most of our sub-contractors we've worked with for years and consider them valuable team members.


Insulating the outside walls and firestopping is a priority. You should also consider soundproofing, especially if you have loud speakers!

Drywall & Painting

The drywall process is long and tedious but we'll make sure the jobs done right. We take our time on both drywall and painting.


Snap-together laminate flooring has been popular recently, but you should also consider tiling.

Trim Carpentry

The final touches on every project is doing any finished carpentry (doors, windows, base trim). We also do built-ins and beautiful railings.

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