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December 2019

'Finished Basement'

For the Wilson project we started with a large empty basement open to many possibilities. The most important thing for them was to add another bedroom to their house as well as an additional family room for entertaining guests. Since adding a full shower can be expensive they elected to put in a half bath, we also made room for a large storage area and 3 additional closets. We then presented them with a blueprint which was carefully crafted to include everything they wanted in a way that makes sense. We also had to make considerations regarding having to lower the ceiling in certain areas because of electrical, water lines, and ductwork. Once approved we got to work framing.

Once the rough framing process was complete we called in our plumber, electrician, and heating and cooling subcontractors. We then installed the insulation, and got all our city building inspections. Drywall was next followed by painting. We finished off this project with wood grained laminate flooring, some standard trim carpentry, and a beautiful railing which we made room for by cutting out the lower half of the stairway wall. This allowed the basement area to feel more integrated with the current house.

Finished Basement Services

Basement remodeling is the easiest way to add usable space in your home. Let us create a basement that functions as a fully habitable addition to the house and a fun place for anyone to enjoy.

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