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Beyond just acting as a General Contractor, T&B also provides a variety of building and remodeling services to our customers. From full kitchen and bathroom remodels, to additions, finished basements, & decks. T&B covers every aspect of your next big renovation with precision, quality materials, and direct customer input.


T&B Contruction’s “bread and butter”. Tearing down and rebuilding a solid foundation is just as important as starting from scratch. Our staff of highly skilled workers take time and effort to make sure each demolition process is done safely (and thoroughly). Cutting corners is not an option here!

Once a project is all torn down, it’s time to build it back up! We Cover all the essentials with our remodelling, including plumbing, electrical, and drywall work. Along with that, we also provide the finishing touches such as tile work, finish carpentry (accents/door-frames/etc.) and painting.


Rough Framing





Tile Work

Like the icing on a cake, tile work really is the finishing touch of a room. It allows our customers to add a personal touch to any room. With so many different styles and options to work with, you can be sure that T&B will help find one that suits your needs.

The nice part about tiling is that you aren’t just limited to bathrooms, not only do we offer options for showers, but we also cover flooring and backsplashes. We can really help make your new kitchen pop with a nice new backsplash or give your laundry room a nice smooth tile floor.





Carpet used to be the king of the hill, but now that throne has been taken by the hard floors! Tile and hardwood flooring are great alternatives to what was the conventional carpeted floor in contemporary homes. Easier to clean and no chances of staining, you can be sure that the first floor you put in might very well be the last one.

As stated, we offer hardwood flooring that is an excellent addition to any living room and we can find the right color, style, and design, that will suit the look you are going for. Along with bathrooms, tiling is the perfect addition to any laundry, mud, or utility room, and it great for when you have big appliances to move around.



Finish Carpentry

It’s in the name, and really ties the whole room together, finish carpentry can turn a cold, basic, room into something cozy and warm. T&B Construction will take care of the essential doors and trim, but we also do cabinet installation and custom built-ins.

A built in entertainment center with shelving units can really finish off a room. We also offer custom rafters for a more traditional style that is becoming increasingly popular in remodels.

Doors & Trim


Custom Built-Ins

Additional Construction

Along with the usual remodeling checklist, T&B Construction also provides additional construction work onto any home. If you’re looking to just add a little more space to your existing home, we’ll be happy to design, lay out, and construct that new addition. If you’re looking more to do some entertaining, we have you covered there as well!

T&B Construction also specializes in finished basements and decks. We’ll be able to design the perfect space for your next big get-together! We ensure that every new piece of construction is up to code and by the books.




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